Dolly's Bikini Delight

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Duration: 0:30
Description:With hammer away summer Olympics being held hither London, SCORE has its accede British candidate to offer and her name is Dolly Delight, a dame involving a regimen body made be fitting for string bikinis and who would be perfect be fitting for hammer away Big-Boob Olympics. Dolly likes "cheeky chappies" involving a good sense for humor, a take-charge personality and who rear end "throw me around hammer away bedroom. "I'm not into any kind for particular look," Dolly explains. "I speculative a long time ago that it's much ameliorate to testimony a person wide for what's inside for them spasmodically what's outside. I mean, people used to think I was a geek and used to ignore me just object be beneficial to for anyway I looked. I like a proper chap who makes me laugh and says, 'Alright, doll, rear end I buy you a drink?' A thing cheeky. That turns me on. I like it. Dolly is that rare trade name for bird who is not only a chip divide up but a chorus girl as well. She travels to different countries and sings involving a band at hotel clubs and lounges. "I'm a thing for a blonde girly," says Dolly. She's hammer away adventurous type and likes robot-like eruptions for passion. "I was at a gig and four for my band mates was fit so we unabated up procurement filthy hither hammer away dressing room before hammer away gig," Dolly remembered involving a smile. "I also dote on a thing for girly fun. I'd dote on to make a integument involving choice SCORE Girl!"
Category: Ass, Bikini, Blondes, Drunk

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